11lb Ohko Dragon Stone S86

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Ohko “Dragon” Stone is another type of popular scaping stone used in the aquarium hobby. Ohko stones are popular because of its dragon-like natural design. The stone carries a unique scale like look which makes any aquarium stand out. Ohko stones are commonly utilized in iwagumi style layouts. The unique characteristics of each crevice and edge in every stone is what separates Ohko “Dragon” Stones from the rest.

What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)
You will be getting what is exactly shown in the picture.

Ohko “Dragon” Stone appear with a more tannish hue when submerged underwater. We recommend to give the stones a LIGHT rinse under warm water and a LIGHT scrub to get rid of any debris it may have. The stones naturally will not increase any water hardness and pH for most aquariums, but water changes are always helpful.